Window Bunch - by David Corsini

“I enjoy creating garden sculptures, center pieces for your table, whimsical animals and other assemblages from recycled metal, glass, bones, and other found materials.”


About David Corsini's Art

David Corsini is an assemblage artist living in rural Connecticut.

David  belongs to  the Open Studio Artists of Northeast CT, the Windham Regional Art Council, and was a member of  Windham Area Arts Collaborative. He regularly participates in shows sponsored by these groups.  His work has frequently been selected and shown in the Annual Connecticut Artists Exhibition at the Slater Memorial Museum.

The majority of David’s work arises from inspiration generated by the objects themselves, rather than from a preconceived creative intention. Once an “accident” has occurred, it often generates other work that is more intentional.

David is an emeritus professor of child development at the University of Connecticut.